St Leonard's Redevelopment Fund

Keeping St Leonard's Church at the heart of Streatham's community

St Leonard’s Redevelopment Fund


St. Leonard’s is, as it has been for centuries, the one constant and enduringly beautiful element in the Streatham environment. The church building makes an essential and irreplaceable contribution to the spiritual and social well-being of the community.

It was badly damaged by fire in 1975 but was rebuilt to become the light and airy space it is now, used by a number of community and special interest groups.

We are open every day to provide some space for individuals seeking peace and quietness away from the intense activity of Streatham High Road (one of the busiest road junctions in southwest London).

The building caters for all of these activities in a unique and valuable way, owing to its unusual architecture, location and historical role.

About the redevelopment

We are a registered charity (1131422) who are currently fundraising to redevelop and refurbish the church to provide modern facilities which will allow us to continue our work with community groups in Streatham.

During 2017 we raised £436,000, with huge thanks to those individuals and organisations who have supported us and continue to do so. The funds so far will provide repairs to the roof; improvements to the catering facilities and amenities; and most importantly, improvements to access points to the church, including wheelchair ramps and internal changes to reduce obstacles to people with limited mobility or sight.



Congregation and gifts £36,000
Veolia £72,995
National Churches Trust £15,000
All Churches £6,250
Beatrice Laing Trust £5,000
Garfield Weston £10,000
Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) £220,000
VAT return* £61,500
Non-cash contribution of our time £9,500
Total £436,205

Our fundraising work has, and continues, to involve our community and congregation, who put on many events to help raise this money during 2017.

We are also very grateful to the number of trusts who are providing support to communities like ours who require their help to be able to go on operating and providing a place for all those who want to use our space – for worship, meetings, comfort or recreation.

A full description of the work we intend to carry out can be viewed on our Plans page.