The Plans

What do the plans cover?

In the statement of need, we identified a number of areas that needed to be improved to provide modern amenities that met the changing requirements of the congregation and wider community:

  1. Creche facilities: To meet the needs of the growing number of younger families that attend services at St Leonards.
  2. Improved access: St Leonard’s has street level access for people with limited mobility from one gate, but the lavatories are virtually unusable for people in wheelchairs.  The churchyard is poorly lit which is an issue for people who have limited mobility and those with poor or failing eyesight.
  3. Lighting and sound: The church lighting and sound systems are old fashioned and, again, reduce access for people with sight or hearing loss.
  4. Lavatories: These are needed for St Leonard’s to be suitable for hire, accessible and a good place for children.
  5. Kitchen space: We need a better kitchen space in order to better serve the community who wish to use the venue for events.
  6. Environmental concerns: The wooden doors into the church, and between the narthex and nave, are an important part of keeping the heat in.   However, when they are closed, the church looks unwelcoming.
  7. Roof repairs: We have fixed one half of the roof, but we are still not completely watertight.

More information on the Statement of Need can be seen here.


New Ground Floor

Plans for the Ground Floor

Kitchen Plan revision D

Close up view of kitchen and toilets.


Artists representations of the new kitchen space, ramps and toilets.